Earth’s Greatest Scuba Divers

With history dating all the way back to 500BC, human’s have seemingly always been drawn to the vast undersea, in spite of the fact that our anatomy diverged to adapt in the completely opposites direction.

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Zika Virus: An International Public Health Emergency

Some researchers believe that one out of every two human beings to have ever lived on planet gearth was killed as a result of the lethal effect of Malaria. Once contracted, the parasite (Plasmodium falciparum) can cause anemia, hypoglycemia, or cerebral malaria, leaving the victim subject to an almost certain death if left untreated.

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Snake Venom’s Unexplored Potential?

July 30, 1980 a young herpetologist was admitted into hospital following a lethal strike from a Common krait snake of the genus Bungarus. Following admission into St. Francis Medical Centre, his future was unforeseeable. Krait snakes typically deliver perilous bites with reported venom yields for the snake ranging from 8-20 mg, and so it comes as no surprise that without rapid treatment administered, the lethality rate can reach up to 80%. However, the 24-year old reportedly survived the envenomation with the simple treatment of another man’s blood.

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